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Born in 1955, Nela Almeida has always had a passion for art. Traveling the world,  exploring various cultures and expressing them in her paintings. A house full of paintings was always not only a passion but a dream come true to be surrounded by beauty and creativity.

At first painting was just an experience as she has often done in her life to experience new wonders and explore new cultures in life. It soon grow to be a passion in a way that she never thought was possible. A way were she could finally express herself through painting, about her feeling towards life and most of all tell the story of her life's experiences. Also at the same

time taking the time to relax in and environment of peace and harmony, away for crazy and busy world we live in.

Today Nela not only uses her time to help paint for others, but she teachers others how to paint and hopefully grow the passion she once stumbled into through life experiences. Providing groups and one on one lesson's to adults.

In 2013 Nela decided to expand her horizon and put together an online gallery where her clients can finally see the paintings she has done and also provide people with a way to connect with her. Giving clients the opportunity to order paintings from her, trailered to their specifications.

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